Psychological Testing

At Child & Family Psychological Services, we offer psychological assessments for both children and adults. The purpose of psychological testing is to gain a better understanding of the individual and his or her behavior. Testing often is recommended in response to problems occurring at work or school or in personal relationships.

For someone having difficulty getting along with coworkers, for instance, testing can identify issues with anger management or interpersonal skills. Children struggling academically might be tested for dyslexia, learning disabilities or attention disorders.

Our psychological assessments are typically a three-step process. The initial session is a consultation and clinical interview during which the client shares information about his or her (or child’s) concerns and history. This information helps the psychologist determine which tests and other assessment tools to utilize before and during the second (and typically longer) session. The third and final meeting is a feedback session where the psychologist goes over a written report detailing assessment results, any diagnoses and recommendations for treatment.

Fees vary based on tests administered and the time required to complete the assessment process. To learn more about our psychological assessments, please contact us.

Psychological Testing

Our self-pay rates will soon be updated. Please contact our staff for more information.