Grief and Loss

By Larry Beer, Ed.D., Practice Director
By Tami Parke, L.L.P., L.P.C.

Loss can stem from many events: the death of a loved one, the ending of a valued relationship, relocation to a new community, job loss, retirement, physical health issues, and many other life changes. Those experiencing a significant loss are likely to feel sadness, guilt, fear, anger and anxiety as they move forward with their lives.

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Four Ways to Support your Teen’s Mental Health

Whether you and your teen are getting along well or having challenges, it is important to show that you love and support them, that you can help them navigate tough times and that you are always there for them. Here are four things to keep in mind when having that ‘how-are-you-doing?’ conversation with your teen and to show that you are always there for them.

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Taking Care of Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Most of us feel that in the last few weeks, our lives have been turned completely upside down. Almost every facet of living has changed, and we don’t know when life will start feeling normal again. That’s a lot of uncertainty, and often with uncertainty comes anxiety, stress, frustration and feelings of helplessness. Even though you can’t change the world and local events, you can choose how you respond to them.

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Weathering the (Coronavirus) Storm

By Jen Gruel, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor In the past week, most of us have changed when we work, where we work, if we work, and how we work. Time with our children has changed from a structured, well-conditioned system to a free-for-all as they were sent home from school, then from daycare, and then we were subsequently ordered to remain home, remain together as nuclear families and, of course, remain calm.

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When Uncertainty Rules Our Lives

By Ann Muntter, L.M.S.W.

A friend of mine recently reached out to me saying, “I don’t remember ever in my life feeling as out of control as I feel now. We are doing fine, settling into a new routine and knowing we could be here for a long time. But the not knowing what will happen in the coming months is what gets to me the most.”

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Why Journaling is a Good Idea

We don’t know how or when, but this pandemic will eventually end. And at some point, we will begin to forget the details of this strange time.

Most of us will always remember the big things — the long days at home, waiting in line to enter a grocery store, Zoom visits with family, online schooling, wearing and perhaps sewing masks, daily reports from Dr. Fauci on TV — but will we remember how we felt in the midst of the pandemic? Our hopes, our fears, our worries? What we missed doing, who we missed seeing? Even if you never journaled before, now is a great time to begin.

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